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Skill Development

Our skill development programme, the Nehar Par School in Patna, is aimed at empowering the girls to become “atmanirbhar”.


Currently there are two batches of young girls of the neighbourhood undertaking the Sewing and Beautician courses. Additionally, the girls also receive basic language (hindi and english) and arithmetic lessons to ensure their overall development and support them in starting their own small enterprises.


Our commitment extends beyond skill development, aiming to combat issues like anemia and protein-energy malnutrition that persist within the demographic. we are dedicated to addressing prevalent health concerns by offering a nutritious meal during training hours.




Vision Unlimited supports a small school on the outskirts of Patna. The area is so nondescript as to be called Neher Par: By the stream, the stream in this case being an euphemism for an open sewer


Sewing Classes: Our meticulously crafted program aims to cultivate essential life skills while fostering creativity and self-expression. In this structured environment, participants will learn the fundamentals of sewing, from mastering basic stitches to creating intricate designs. Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance, ensuring a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for every student. Aspiring seamstresses will not only acquire a valuable skill but also gain confidence in their abilities.


Beautician Course: Our comprehensive beautician course is meticulously designed to empower young women with the expertise needed in the dynamic beauty industry. Through hands-on training, participants will master essential skills such as skincare, makeup application, hair styling, and salon management. Our certified instructors bring a wealth of industry experience to guide and inspire, ensuring a transformative learning experience.